Autumn Finally Has Arrived!

Well This is Autumn for South Texas!

Fall is finally here
South Texas Fall

With the cooler temperatures at night and mild days, we Texans think Autumn Finally Has Arrived! Most of our trees don’t shed the beautiful colored leaves like they do in the northeast, but we do enjoy the awesome cooler temperatures! The photo to the right is about the extent of our fall colors! This season makes me want to incorporate all these awesome colors in my projects.

Now that it is getting cooler, I have been trying to decide what items I would like to add to my shop for the winter season and Christmas Holidays. I don’t enjoy working on blankets larger that a baby blanket most of the year because it’s just too darn hot! Even with air conditioning working on an afghan in your lap is not enjoyable.

CIL Creations SalesI’ve been thinking of adding a line of winter hats for babies through adults to the shop. I just have to figure out what type of pattern I would like to use. I sell more items that are made to order, especially where the customer can pick the colors they would like in the item. Once I have this planned out I will post it.

I do have a number of items on sale right now! Check them out and maybe find a gift for someone!

Hope you have a great day!




CIL Creations Newsletter September 2017

(This is a web version of our CIL Creations Newsletter September 2017)

CIL Creations Newsletter

September 2017


I hope you are doing well considering all the natural disasters that have been occurring lately.

I have been behind schedule getting this newsletter out to you this month. I have been busy completing a few orders and trying to get my website program to work properly and auto send tweets out to Twitter about my products. Computer programming is an old hobby of mine and once I start working on a project I can’t stop until it works! Well, I finally got this auto tweet script to work properly and now I am concentrating on my blog and product listings.

I have started a small blog series, Crochet How to Begin, and I am working on issue #3, Our First Project. I hope to get this posted very soon and continue with the series. I had just posted about the new character hat I have for sale, Koala Baby Hat, which is available in my shop. I also listed a new crochet pattern, Little Prince Baby Blanket, for anyone who crochets.

Current Sales Promotion
Right now I have a number of items on sale from baby sweaters to hat and mitten sets. You can view all the sale items here. Listed below are a few of the sale items.
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Have a terrific day!
Handmade Knit & Crochet Creations

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Rainbow Baby Blanket – WIP Thursday

My Work In Progress This Week is “Rainbow Baby Blanket

Now that I have a little break from finishing up orders, I decided to make a new baby blanket design. For now I’m naming this new design, “Rainbow Baby Blanket.”

I came across the stitch pattern on YouTube the other day by HappyBerry Crochet while looking for a crochet stitch that would look great as a baby blanket. I was looking for something not very difficult and this was perfect! Sometimes you just want to make something that’s really easy and quick. 

Rainbow Baby BlanketThe stitch pattern is based somewhat on corner to corner (C2C) crochet, where you start an item at the corner and work in a diagonal, increasing each row until you reach the middle and then you begin decreasing until you reach the end of the opposite corner. This allows you to make some really neat designs.

Well, this pattern is worked in rows instead of diagonally. Apparently there is not a proper name for this stitch. HappyBerry Crochet calls it a Mixed Grit Stitch Variation or Half Shell Ripple. Whatever name we give it, the pattern is really neat! The blanket feels thick, but it is actually lighter than it looks.

I’m hoping to finish this “Rainbow Baby Blanket” by Friday evening and I will post the finished project and list it in my shop!

Have you ever worked in C2C crochet? Tell me about it!



5 Projects Crochet This Fall – Crochet539

5 Projects Crochet This Fall by Crochet539

I read this article today, 5 Projects Crochet This Fall, and thought I’d share it! There are some really great ideas to try if you crochet. Just click the link below to view the article on the author’s page.



Projects CrochetHi my creative friends!  Hope this Tuesday is finding you well and safe.  There are many natural disasters taking place in the United States, and for those of you who are dealing or have dealt with…

Source: 5 Projects to Crochet This Fall – Crochet539

Recap September 3-9, 2017- Very Busy!

September 3-9 Was a Busy Week!

I have had one really busy week with too many things going on all at once. I’m sure this happens to everyone at one time or another. To start the week, I finished up the Christening Gown I posted about previously and shipped it out. I also had the custom ordered baby blanket with the ducks and bunnies to get finished at the same time.

I also received an order for the boy elephant character hat and a separate order for the Mr. Mouse Hat! I’m not complaining about all the orders, I love working under pressure! And then when I think I am right on schedule to finish the character hats on Wednesday, the kitchen faucet decided to have an aneurysm and died! I had to put everything on hold and go to the store for a new water line for the faucet. Guess what, you can’t buy that part for a Moen Faucet!! I had to buy an entirely new one and install it. My schedule is now on hold.

You are probably thinking that it’s not that difficult to replace a faucet, is it? Not really, but the Rheumatoid Arthritis I have says otherwise! The arthritis doesn’t get to bad unless I over do it, and working under a sink qualifies for over doing it! After about an hour of fighting with the old faucet to remove it, and it’s only 5 years old, I finally got it out and installed the new one in about 15 minutes. Now I am very sore and fatigued. Thank you Mr. Rhuemy Arthuritis!

After a long rest I had to get back to those hats. I had the worst time with the elephant hat. I started knitting the wrong size and of course I noticed after I attached an ear to the hat! So I had to start it over, at 6:00 in the evening. I finally finished it by 1:00 am after many other struggles with it.

Now the elephant hat is packaged and ready to ship! Yeah! I started the Mr. Mouse hat at about 1:30 am and had it packaged to ship by 3:00 am. Crocheting is much faster than knitting! I’m finished! (Insert Sigh of relief! ?) Went to bed and got up about 8:00 am to put my shipments out for the mail carrier to pick up. I am in so much pain from the previous day all I want to do is have my coffee and go back to bed! And to top it all off, a cold front came (what we Texans call a cold front!) in which affected my arthritis even more. Oh well, when life beats you up all you can do is get up and ask for more!

I’m ready for this week and looking forward to posting my new baby blanket crochet pattern! Look for it by the end of this week. Tell me how your week was.


Remembering 9-11 Sixteen Years Later

Remembering 9-11

As I was sitting down to write a different post, I realized that today is the anniversary of September 11, 2001 and remembering 9-11 and the events of that day. Even though it has been sixteen years since that terrible day, our world has not nor ever will be the same as it was before.

In this world of political slander, an ever increasing racial divide & hate of ones fellow human, we need to remember how our entire nation stopped and helped each other on that day. No one cared what color you were, if you were a republican, democrat or liberal. People just helped and cared for each other. And sixteen years later we are hating and killing each other for absolutely no reason.

Our nation and this world need God and our prayers.


Custom Order Baby Blanket is Finished

The other day I posted about how busy I have been, and I didn’t have any pictures of the custom order baby Unique Baby Blanketblanket I was making. Well, it’s finished and it’s off to the customer Tuesday Morning!

I really enjoy doing filet crochet. It’s easy to do, but with just enough stitch counting to keep it from being mind numbing! For those of you who knit or crochet, you understand what I mean. I really hate to do patterns that are extremely simple because my mind will wander and I end up making more mistakes than with a more difficult project.

This pattern is one of my own and I have the blanket in my shop as a custom order item. The customer can choose what color they would like the blanket made in.

Have you ever finished a project for someone and checked it over once it is all finished and find a mistake? I did with this order! I was taking some pictures and realized I never finished the last few rows before I did the edging! UGH! 😥 Well, the mistake was easily rectified by removing the edging from the top and finishing the missing rows. I then remade the edging and tada! A finished baby blanket!

Well, I must get back to work! I have another order to fulfill! Leave a comment and tell me what you think of filet crochet.


[product id=”2555″]


Recap August 2017 – Very Busy Month!

Recap August 2017

To recap August, as you may know, I have moved my website from to a hosted site. I still intend to keep my original Etsy shop. This move gave me more control over my site and my online store. Of course, the move came with a few headaches, of which I documented in my post New Site is up and Running. Over the last few weeks I have been tweaking settings, updating product listings, a few special product sales and fixing small errors. Overall, everything has smoothed out and is working pretty well.

In between all of this, we had to deal with Hurricane Harvey. I live about two miles north of San Antonio and everyone from here to the Gulf Coast was told to prepare for the worst. Well, I am so very thankful that we were spared from the brunt of the storm. It missed us by just 40 miles! My heart goes out to all who have been so severely affected and we continue to pray for them.

What’s New on the Site?

The main new item on the site is a new blog series titled; Crochet – How to Begin. This is a series of posts to help those who are interested in learning to crochet. We will talk about how to get started, what supplies to get and where to purchase them, reading yarn labels, and finally, starting the first project. I am currently writing part three, the first project. I am also going to make a few videos to go along with this series. The link above is the main page where all the lessons will be posted. If you are interested, check it out. This is a free tutorial for anyone.

I am also going to list more items in my shop that I haven’t had the time to write up yet. I hope to get to these items over the next couple of weeks.

What have I Been Working On?

I have had a few made-to-order purchases that have also kept me busy! I have made a couple of the Mouse Hats, a Christening Gown and I am currently making a baby blanket for a customer. Here are some pictures of the Christening Gown:


Once I finish the filet crochet baby blanket I will post some pics.

Leave me a comment below,


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