Baby Blankets

Price: $39.95
Design This Baby Blanket
🧡 Design this baby blanket in your colors! The Design This Baby Blanket makes a precious baby blanket that is soft and has a lot of texture! The blanket is made [Read more]

Price: $39.95
Unique Baby Blanket
🐇This unique Baby Blanket ABC 123 is done in filet crocheted bunnies, ducks, letters ABC and numbers 123, with a raised shell stitch border. In addition, I will make this [Read more]

Price: $29.95
Rainbow Dreams Baby Blanket
🌈 Rainbow Dreams Baby Blanket - The Perfect Gift! Are you looking for a baby shower gift? This baby blanket would be perfect! Above all, the blanket is soft, colorful [Read more]

Price: $29.95
pink and white baby blanket
🧡I made this Pink and White Baby blanket with soft acrylic baby yarn and is machine wash and dry-able. Also, I have added a  unique border that is done in [Read more]

Price: $45.95
Soft Hand Knitted Baby Blanket
👶 This beautiful Soft Hand Knitted Baby Blanket has a defined texture and pattern. The blanket is handmade with soft acrylic baby yarn in the color Baby Aqua.  NOTE: I [Read more]

Price: $19.95
Baby Blanket Handmade Crochet
👶 This beautiful Baby Blanket Handmade Crochet is made with soft baby yarn! I made this from the pattern seen on the BBC show, "Call The Midwife"!  Moreover, this blanket [Read more]