Black Sewing Buttons 0.88 in. (22.5mm)


10 pack of Black acrylic sewing buttons size 0.88″ (22.5 mm).

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10 pack of Black sewing buttons, perfect for your knit and crochet projects.

Almost any handmade project will shine with these black sewing buttons. From knitting or crochet, to scrap booking and school projects, these have many uses. There are four (4) buttons holes which are large enough to thread yarn (worsted weight #4 works well) through.Buttons on Mrs. Mouse Hat

As you can see in this picture, I have secured each button to the Mrs. Mouse Hat with yarn.

Button Details

I provide these in a package of 10 to make it easier to purchase. Many times you may only need a few for a project and would not want to purchase a large quantity. A smaller darning (yarn) needle will be needed for sewing with yarn. The large eye blunt needles are a little to big to fit through the holes.

Black sewing Buttons
Button Front

The size of each button is 0.88″ (22.5 mm) and the material is acrylic, so they are hard and durable. The back side of the button is flat and the front has a raised rim. Finally, all buttons in the package will be black as shown.

Black sewing Buttons
Button Back

I found this very interesting article on the history and manufacturing process of the button. A very interesting publication.

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