Silvalume Crochet Hook Size H-8/5.0mm by Susan Bates


Susan Bates Aluminum Crochet Hook Size H-8/5.0mm

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Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Size H/5.0mm

What is a Silvalume Crochet Hook?

Silvalume is made of lightweight aluminum. Each Silvalume crochet hook undergoes a special anodizing process, which etches away all surface impurities. In addition, each hook is heat treated for strength and durability and polished for a velvety smooth finish. Our famous in line head helps reduce wrist motion for fatigue free crocheting and helps you maintain a more consistent gauge.

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Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook
Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook

This package contains one 5-1/2in aluminum (Silvalume) crochet hook.

Susan Bates products have a history of excellent quality and craftsmanship within their entire line. I have used other products from time to time, and as much as I like to save my pennies, Susan Bates crochet hooks are my favorite.

In conclusion, a Silvalume hook is like no other due to the smooth finish and how it feels in your hand. Due to the finish, this hook does not snag your yarn while crocheting.

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