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Price: $13.95
Newborn Turtle Hat
🐢 This unique Newborn Turtle Hat is just simply cute! The turtle is "swimming on water", the blue at the brim of the hat. In addition, this hat will be [Read more]

Price: $24.95
🐘 This cute and lovable baby lavender elephant comes with her own attached mini blanket! Any child would love to carry this soft and plush toy around with them. This [Read more]

Price: $34.95
Pink Summer Dress
👗 This beautiful, vintage style Pink Summer Dress is handmade crochet. The dress will fit a toddler from about 24 months to 36 months (2T-3T). Subsequently, this is a one [Read more]

Price: $29.95
Lavender Cardigan Sweater and Hat
🧒 I made this beautiful, lavender colored cardigan sweater and hat for a child 12-24 months of age. (Will most likely fit past 24 months or longer depending upon the [Read more]

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baby yoda hat
<(°.°)> This adorable Baby Yoda Hat will help keep your child warm and make him/her look 'oh so adorable'! Consequently, this hat makes a great photo prop! I crocheted this [Read more]

Price: $16.95
Baby Bib Pink White
👶 This cute Baby Bib Pink White , made for a baby girl, has a single large button to secure the bib and a pretty little flower on the bottom. [Read more]

Sale Price starting at: $19.95 - 0% Off!
mr mouse character hat
🐭 This adorable Mr. Mouse Character Hat will help keep the baby warm and make him look ‘oh so adorable’! This hat comes in black and red, or your choice [Read more]

Price: $19.95
❄ This adult or teen size Handmade Knit Scarf is made with a blended acrylic-wool yarn. The yarn is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. Therefore, this blend makes the scarf [Read more]