Girl’s Yellow Headband With Flower

Price: $9.99
🎀 This cute little Girl’s Yellow Headband is yellow and white with a red button and will fit a child from 6-18 months of age, depending upon how fast she is growing.

  • In addition, this headband is made with an elastic hair tie to allow some stretching of the item.

🎁 Certainly this would make a great baby shower gift!

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For all my handmade Headbands, I recommend:

Machine or Hand Wash:

  • Wash in machine on gentle cycle, cold/warm water (never hot), no bleach and do not dry clean.
  • I recommend hand washing in clean sink with mild laundry detergent.
  • With hand washing, rinse in cool water then gently squeeze the item to remove the excess water. Do not ring out the water because ringing may cause some stretching of the fibers.

Air Dry:

  • I recommend laying the headband flat on a towel to air dry.

Follow these care instructions and your item will last for years! ❤