Handmade Crochet Sweater Vest for Toddler Boy

Handmade Crochet Sweater Vest

Price: $32.95
This Handmade Crochet Sweater Vest will fit a child size 2T to 3T. I made this sweater with 100% acrylic yarn and it is machine wash and dry-able. Subsequently, I have sewn the buttons to the neck area and made the button holes snug to keep the buttons in place. The bottom of the sweater and the area around the shoulders is done in a ribbed stitch.

  • I found this stitch pattern a while ago and discovered that it really worked up nicely in this sweater! For a crocheted sweater this stitch pattern really allows it to look more like a knitted sweater than a crocheted one. Also, the stitches actually look like braids or those little twisted pretzels!
  • Most of all I think this sweater vest is just cute! If you would like this in another color, please contact me and we can make one special for you!

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For all other handmade items I recommend:

Machine or Hand Wash:

  • Wash in machine on gentle cycle, cold/warm water (never hot), no bleach and do not dry clean. Hand wash in clean sink with mild laundry detergent.
  • With hand washing, rinse in cool water then gently squeeze the item to remove the excess water.
  • Do not ring out the water because ringing may cause some stretching of the fibers.
  • Once the excess water is removed, place the item on top of a clean, fully opened bath towel. If the item is a blanket, carefully fold the blanket in half a couple of times so it fits within the towel. Other items just lay them flat in the center of the towel.
  • Starting at one of the short ends of the towel, start rolling the towel up along with the washed item inside. Once rolled, stand on the towel and press down with your feet to squeeze out the remaining water.
    Unroll the towel and pick up the item so it does not hang down, and place on another clean, dry towel to air dry.

Machine/Air Dry:

  • I recommend air dry or very low heat in a dryer, and remove the item promptly when just about dry to prevent over drying and damage to the item.
  • If you air dry your item, lay flat to dry on a clean bath towel. DO NOT hang to dry as this may damage the item by stretching it.

Follow these care instructions and your item will last for years!