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Recap August 2017 – Very Busy Month!

recap august

Recap August 2017

To recap August, as you may know, I have moved my website from to a hosted site. I still intend to keep my original Etsy shop. This move gave me more control over my site and my online store. Of course, the move came with a few headaches, of which I documented in my post New Site is up and Running. Over the last few weeks I have been tweaking settings, updating product listings, a few special product sales and fixing small errors. Overall, everything has smoothed out and is working pretty well.

In between all of this, we had to deal with Hurricane Harvey. I live about two miles north of San Antonio and everyone from here to the Gulf Coast was told to prepare for the worst. Well, I am so very thankful that we were spared from the brunt of the storm. It missed us by just 40 miles! My heart goes out to all who have been so severely affected and we continue to pray for them.

What’s New on the Site?

The main new item on the site is a new blog series titled; Crochet – How to Begin. This is a series of posts to help those who are interested in learning to crochet. We will talk about how to get started, what supplies to get and where to purchase them, reading yarn labels, and finally, starting the first project. I am currently writing part three, the first project. I am also going to make a few videos to go along with this series. The link above is the main page where all the lessons will be posted. If you are interested, check it out. This is a free tutorial for anyone.

I am also going to list more items in my shop that I haven’t had the time to write up yet. I hope to get to these items over the next couple of weeks.

What have I Been Working On?

I have had a few made-to-order purchases that have also kept me busy! I have made a couple of the Mouse Hats, a Christening Gown and I am currently making a baby blanket for a customer. Here are some pictures of the Christening Gown:

Once I finish the filet crochet baby blanket I will post some pics.

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