Filet Crochet Blanket Pattern PDF Download

PDF Chart

Filet Crochet Blanket Pattern

This is a free pattern to make a filet crochet blanket using the ducks and bunnies charts. The pattern is fairly easy, Filet Crochet Blanketbut if your have not worked in filet crochet before, take your time in the beginning and it will soon get a great deal easier! Here is an example of what you can do with filet crochet:

I will upload the letters and numbers charts soon for anyone who would like to make this blanket.

Any questions, please contact me.


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Filet Crochet Bunnies PDF Chart

PDF Chart

Filet Crochet Bunnies Chart

This PDF chart details how to make filet crochet bunnies. There are two sections on this chart, one for the bunny facing right and one facing left. This is only a chart and not a complete pattern. For instructions to make a blanket, please download the free blanket pattern.filet crochet Filet Crochet Bunnies

If you have any questions, please contact me.





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Hat Sizing Chart for Knitting or Crochet

PDF Chart

Hat Sizing Chart PDF Download

This Hat Sizing chart is to be used as a guide to help you knit or crochet hats, beanies, etc. The chart contains columns for Age, Head Circumference, Hat Circumference, Crown Diameter and Finished Hat Length. This chart can be used to make hats for Preemies through Adult.

This is not an actual pattern, but rather a guide for making a hat with or without a pattern. With the guide, you can check to see if your hat is falling into the size dimensions for the age of the person you are trying to make it for. This is free to download at anytime.

Have any questions about this chart or a correction? Please let me know.