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New Site Is Up & Running – Check It Out!

The New

I have finally migrated my WordPress blog and Etsy Shop to our new hosting provider,!

Anyone who has ever dealt with websites before knows that anything you do will never be easy! I have a great deal of experience in web development and computer programming and all that experience doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride! All experience will do is help you fix all the issues that arise. Thankfully I was able to put my experience to good use for a change getting my new site up and running!

Finding a hosting provider was not difficult at all for me. I have had hosted sites on and off for a number of years so I knew what I needed. Then I needed to redirect my domain name to Blue Host, which should have been a piece of cake! Well, I registered my domain with Etsy (that was a big mistake!) so I could have a separate site for my Etsy Shop. At the time it seemed like a great plan until I discovered Etsy has no idea of what they are doing with their “Pattern” sites! I was able to finally get my domain and TRANSFERRED it to a new domain manager, Hover.

Let’s skip ahead to the point my domain name and hosting provider are all set up and I’m ready to move my blog over. As you can already guess, that didn’t work out well either! I should correct myself, I exported my entire blog to a file through WordPress and imported that file into my new site with WordPress with NO issues. At least it appeared that way until I looked at the blog. All my images were missing! The system stated it couldn’t find the files on the remote location. Oh well, there is nothing I can do but just fix it.

I ended up having to upload all the images and then reattached them to each posting one by one. At this time I am still attaching the photos to the older posts.

Now I have finally found the time to write this first posting since this adventure began!

The site is looking pretty good, the blog is running well and so is my new Web Shop! It’s really great to have everything in one place which makes my job a lot easier. Stop by, have a look around and maybe you’ll find an item or two you like in the shop!

Looking forward to everyone coming over and letting me know what they think!