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Crochet – How to Begin Pt 1 – Baby Steps

Crochet supplies

I want to learn how to crochet, how do I get started?

This is part one of a small blog series to help you learn to crochet.

If you are reading this then chances are you have asked that same question at some point. Maybe you have seen crocheted items on Instagram or Twitter, and pondered the idea of learning how to make that item. Once that idea gets in your head, you then ask yourself; “Where and how do I begin?”

This mini-blog series will help you to answer that persistent question and get you started crocheting!

Baby Steps

Learning any new craft will take some time, a lot of time. The learning may take you a while, but the getting started phase should be a lot easier and we will explore some options to get you going. First of all, you need to prepare yourself to the fact that you will not be able to make a sweater or a little stuffed animal right from the start. Many people get started and quit right away because the were not prepared and struggle to make their first item.

Learn to CrochetOK, I understand that my first project won’t be an afghan! Now what?” Well, you are going to need some tools for your craft and we will explore some options here that won’t consume your bank account! Some people have gone to their local craft store to purchase their first items and end up buying all the wrong things and wasting their hard earned money.

Their first mistake was going to the craft store!

The very first item on your checklist should be to ask yourself, “Do I know anyone who does crochet?” Why should you ask yourself that question? Because it may save you money and a great deal of frustration! Speaking with someone who has gone through all this before can be an exceptional resource for you. That person can tell you about crochet, how and why they started. Hopefully they will lend you a crochet hook and a little bit of yarn. This is the part of saving you money until you decide if crocheting is really within you!

Some people will discover after talking with someone and/or learning a little, they really don’t like it. Now, if that Learn to Crochetperson is you and you went right to the craft store and bought all kinds of really appealing yarn and crochet hooks in the beginning, you would be frustrated and out a lot of money.

Finally, I don’t want you to spend a lot of money on supplies and instructors until you figure out if you really love crocheting! Yes, you must love it or you are just wasting your valuable time and money. You may not “love it” in the very beginning, but you should figure it out by the time you complete you first small item with me.

In my next installment of this little series, we will talk about exactly what supplies you need and where to get them! Until then, find someone who crochets and get some good information from them. I hope you will join us and follow along. You may discover a new love for yarn!


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