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Time to Share my WIP’s

Sorry I’ve neglected writing in my blog the last few weeks. 🙁 I’ve been kept pretty busy with shipping Etsy orders and making several Mr./Mrs. Mouse hats that have been ordered. Along with that I have been working on the Elephant pillow my son’s girlfriend ordered. 

As you can see, it’s almost finished. I would have had it completed, but ran in to a few snags! The first one was once I finished both ears my wife looked at them and said those awful words no one wants to hear; “One ear is longer than the other.” I immediately said “IT CAN’T BE!” After a quick inspection I discovered that she was right. I made a huge mistake on the one ear which left it about three inches too short. I ripped it back and as of right now that ear is just about done.

I also had a bit of trouble with her bow. Have you ever followed a pattern exactly as written, had all the correct tools, yarn, gauge, etc. and it turned out all wrong? I had my doubts about the bow when the pattern stated to use 3 strands of worsted weight yarn held together. I was right as the bow turned out about 150% larger than it should have. I double checked the instructions and I followed them correctly. I will just remake it using one strand of yarn and see how that looks. The pattern is actually well written and documented. It is 22 pages! If you would like to get it (It really isn’t difficult to make.), it’s available on Ravelry by Ira Rott. The price is very reasonable for how detailed it is!

The last snag I had is with the face. The hair is supposed to be on the top center of the head and as you can see in the picture I did not pay attention and the face is turned too far to the left. I’m leaving that fix for last.

I have a new hat in my Etsy Shop! The baby Koala hat!

This is a display only hat and I am going to make a new one due to a couple of things I don’t like in these pics. The one item is the nose. I sewed it on a little off to one side so it doesn’t line up with the baby’s face. The only other item is to make and sew the ears a little better. I don’t think it turned out bad at all for just winging it! Anyone who orders one will get a much better looking item!

What’s next… Oh! I have started a raglan top down sweater for my wife. I didn’t like how it started out so it ripped it back. Started it again, ripped it. Started again and ripped it again. etc., etc., etc. Well I think I have started this sweater about 5 or 6 times and I am satisfied with how it’s going now! 

I should have turned it around as the ribbing is the neck! My wife wanted in this blue and like the gray baby sweater I was working on in my last post. (Still unfinished!) I’ll post more as I get further along with it.

And lastly, I am starting a series of baby blankets for my shop using my pattern; Baby’s First Blankie done is white and one other color. This first one is done in pink:

I only started it the other day so I have a little way to go yet on it. The edging will also be done in the parading elephants! I just love that edging!

I will try to post again next week, but I’m not promising! I’m beginning to think that everyone who works with yarn must have some sort of ADD as we all seem to have multiple projects going at once!

Until next time, start another project or two!



3 thoughts on “Time to Share my WIP’s

  1. Yep, I have mutliple projects going. My main project now is a new market bag in blues. I finished the crochet fabric for a new hook case, but it will need a cloth fabric liner sewn to it. I will do that when I get the market bag done and add liners to both. I like to have a couple of things to do before I whip out the sewing machine. I still have the wavy stitch baby blanket and a triangle shawl going. I also have a pencil case to finish. I just get bored with big projects, so I do little ones to still be productive until I feel like pulling out the big project again.

    1. I also start getting bored with large projects! It seems the big ones always have that excitement when your first start it and when you realize it is going to take much longer to complete, that’s when the boredom seems to begin for me. Then eventually I just make myself sit down and do nothing else until I finish that big item!

      I haven’t done a shawl yet. I keep looking at patterns and thinking about doing one, but something else always pops up! 🙂

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