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Autumn Finally Has Arrived!

Fall is finally here

Well This is Autumn for South Texas!

Fall is finally here
South Texas Fall

With the cooler temperatures at night and mild days, we Texans think Autumn Finally Has Arrived! Most of our trees don’t shed the beautiful colored leaves like they do in the northeast, but we do enjoy the awesome cooler temperatures! The photo to the right is about the extent of our fall colors! This season makes me want to incorporate all these awesome colors in my projects.

Now that it is getting cooler, I have been trying to decide what items I would like to add to my shop for the winter season and Christmas Holidays. I don’t enjoy working on blankets larger that a baby blanket most of the year because it’s just too darn hot! Even with air conditioning working on an afghan in your lap is not enjoyable.

CIL Creations SalesI’ve been thinking of adding a line of winter hats for babies through adults to the shop. I just have to figure out what type of pattern I would like to use. I sell more items that are made to order, especially where the customer can pick the colors they would like in the item. Once I have this planned out I will post it.

I do have a number of items on sale right now! Check them out and maybe find a gift for someone!

Hope you have a great day!