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2021 New Year – New Opportunities!

New Year - New Opportunities!
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New Year – New Opportunities!

This will be a New Year of New Opportunities! I am sure everyone is glad that 2020 is behind us! Let’s leave all of our pain, suffering, and disappointments there and look forward to 2021! Don’t make those New Years resolutions that you know you will not keep. Instead, look for everything in your life that is positive each day and Thank God for all He has given you! You will find your outlook will be brighter and you will feel eager to start each day!

For me, I plan to keep up with this blog! I lost focus on a lot of things when we were on lockdown because of COVID-19. This blog and my Etsy Shop are the main items. So starting today, I plan to post something here at least once per week and this will be a New Year of New Opportunities!

To begin 2021, I decided to share a gallery of my newest creations that are currently in my Etsy Shop. As you already may have noticed above, the slideshow contains my most recent handmade items. As I make new items, I will update them here in a post.

Here’s to a pleasant 2021 and may we be able to throw our masks away! 😷

Carl Lockett III

CIL Creations Handmade Knit & Crochet Creations